Join us for an Art of Participatory Leadership Training in NYC!

I am happy to announce that we still have openings for the Art of Participatory Leadership Training at Riverside Church in NYC on February 7 & 8, 2013.

The training is for everyone who is thinking about questions like:

♦ What would it take to work with our many differences instead of in spite of them?

♦ What might it look like to work for transformation instead of small change?

♦ What more is possible when we come out of our silos, let go of labels and discover new ways to move forward together?

Training participants will explore frameworks and practices to: 

♦ Design and lead conversations as shared leadership and governance practices.

♦ Host powerful conversations to address complex issues and lead strategic change.

♦ Generate fresh thinking, restore trust and create shared commitment to wise action.

♦ Apply participatory tools in organizational, community and movement settings.

♦ Create “harvests” that capture collective clarity and support shared work going forward.

Go here for more information about the training, trainers and registration.


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