Theory U & Healing the Three Divides

3-dividesI recently attended a workshop with Otto Scharmer and Arawana Hayashi of the Presencing Institute at the Omega Institute. I had studied there with Otto in 2006 when he was with his colleagues and co-authors Peter Senge, Sue Flowers and Joseph Jaworski. His recent reports from the World Economic Forum intrigued me and I looked forward to learning about ways in which real world practice was advancing his theory.

At both workshops, Otto presented Theory U, a road map for becoming aware and sensing what is in order to cultivate innovation. It is a framework for acting consciously in complexity. With the addition of Arawana’s meditation and movement practices to the 2014 workshop it becomes more than theory; silently sourcing collective wisdom from our bodies and the space between us became a shared visceral experience.

Otto also offered his newest insight that the essence of the process is moving from ego- (I know this and that) to eco-consciousness (the whole wants this or that). As a meta frame for this insight he offered a broad view of economic evolution and what drives our collective perpetuation of contemporary human suffering: (1) Ecological Divide (self does not = nature); Social Divide (self does not = other); and, (3) Spiritual Divide (self does not = self). He goes on to suggest that we can heal these divides by journeying through the U together.

These new insights and framing help give a broader context to Theory U as a personal-societal transformation process. At the same time, a number of us found a shared discomfort with this leap from a socio-political framing of late capitalism to the personal-collective journey of the U.

After significant reflection, I believe that our small circle of participants (notably including the only young person of color as well as queer, youth and activist women at the workshop) found each other because of a shared sensibility. We stand on a bridge from the meta to the personal-societal that is not explicit in Otto’s representation of the Theory U journey. Most simply, what we offer to healing these great divides is our visceral knowing (or even fleeting glimpses of) nature = my community, other (than master) = my community, self = my community. 

Wondering what more would be possible if we could be present to and explore these dualisms (self/community, connected/not connected) together. Otherwise, the journey across the Three Divides feels a bit more treacherous, especially in the context of increasing socio-economic disparity in our America.

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2 Responses to Theory U & Healing the Three Divides

  1. gail jacob says:

    Hi Kelly,
    Wow. Thank you for this. Would love to carry this conversation further. Many of us are struggling to bridge the divide, especially as it relates to communities excluded from the majority culture in the West and for those of us trying to incorporate elements of both Theory U and AoH into our lives.

    • KellyMcG says:

      Hi Gail ~ Yes, this is a conversation of our times for sure. Also looking forward to continuing to be in it with you. Peace, K

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