Getting Found

I am delighted o announce the launch of Power and Privilege 2.0, a blog by me and friends Tuesday Ryan-Hart and Allen Frimpong.

The three of us met several years ago and immediately connected through our shared passion for working with people and groups that are boldly striving for social equity and racial and economic justice.

Lost, the first piece by Tuesday illuminates our sense that while we experience progress and change among the organizations and groups we work with, there is also a repeating pattern of loosing focus and inspiration when working together across difference. Is this solely a result of the difficulty of coming together or have our patterns of protecting and controlling the conversation contributed to the inertia?

As a result of both progress and stuckness, we sense an emerging desire for a new conversation about what it takes to work for transformation rather than regulation. This blog is an invitation to think deeply about what must be carried forward of our and our ancestors accomplishments as well as to boldly question what is no longer useful to our collective quest for equity and justice.

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