A.M.E. Church Open Space Trainings

October 2012-January 2013 faith community leaders and community organizers and activists met at The A.M.E. Zion Church on The Hill to explore What will it take to really work together now? and to practice Open Space a self-organizing meeting structure that supports thinking and acting together wisely. For more harvests see the Occupy Open Space Tumblr site.

 Join us on Saturday, January 12, 2013 @ 10 am!!

The Invitation

 What will it take to really work together now?

We are a growing group of people who connected through our beliefs that we can create a more just world and that this will happen only when we figure out how to re-member ourselves – how to work with our many ideologies, analysis, faiths, backgrounds, causes and identities instead of in spite of them.

We share a deep longing for unity in these times as the constant barrage of corporate news, entertainment and advertising are interrupted by stories about health disparity, racial profiling, student debt and foreclosures as well as social unrest, direct action and other glimpses of peoples movements.

“What more would be possible if we worked with our differences 

instead of debating them?

We are frustrated by the way we get stuck, again and again, when we try to collaborate as organizations, political affiliations and identity groups, through which we continue to promote competing goals and agendas.

Instead, we want to create spaces were we can show up first and foremost as human beings who are ready to offer our varied perspectives, analysis, skills, experience, passions and gifts to the work. Spaces were thinking together will help us take wise action instead of putting our hopes and dreams into strategies and actions that may have worked in the past.

This is a call to learn and practice a self-organizing structure called Open Space, that we believe will help us be smarter together. We will spend a little time learning how it works and the theory behind it, practice Open Space with the inquiry ‘what does it take to work together now?’, and, then, reflect on what we discover in this dialogue. 

Please join this inquiry!

Contact me directly if you would like to participate! kelly@goingupstream.net