Visual Harvests

Some examples of The Art of Harvesting or the co-creation of visual representations that capture key aspects of the conversations, decisions and actions that are developed during and/or after our conversations:

* Videos and Photo Albums of meta-harvests from the Art of Working Together trainings at Riverside Church in NYC.

Graphic Recordings from the Open Space Dialogue at the 9th Annual Harm Reduction Conference.

Occupy Dialogue to Action Tumblr site with posts by participants of an Open Space training for with the theme What Will it Really Take to Work Together Now?

* The Slide Show that was created by the Harvest Team for the closing day of the retreat and the Harvest Book that was put together over the following month for the 3-day Art of Participatory Leadership Training for the restorative justice Stone Soup Project in Chicago’s South Suburbs.

* Harvest webpage and video made by participants of the Art of Participatory Leadership and Social Justice Training in NYC for community activists and organizational leaders.