Bashakill Family Farm

The Bashakill Family Farm is a 10-acre permaculture farm that I steward in the lower Catskills on the Schawangunk Ridge, adjacent to the Bashakill Wetlands.

BFF’s motto is ‘invite life to thrive’. We do this by practicing permaculture principles ~ designing the land and farming systems in a way that invites plants, bugs, animals and people to reveal the order of things, all while making plenty of delicious fresh food.

In 2012, my longtime friend and neighbor Andrew and I, with the help of many very generous friends, built a 100 x 100 foot rabbit & deer proof fence and started to plant fruit trees. In 2013, we filled every inch of the garden with veggies. In 2014, chickens joined the garden team. In 2015, we cleared some opportunistic and expansive plants (ailanthus and barberry) to prepare for planting an orchard and locust grove for building and firewood. In 2016 bees and possibly pigs will join us.

There is a vision and goal for the 10-acres to have a closed-loop economy within 10-years, which means that the place will pay for itself while feeding its residents and some neighbors. The way we get there, however, is still emerging.

Projects will start when the people and the resources line up. For instance, the chickens started as a cooperative project with three neighbors who have the dream, but not the space or desire to care for chickens alone.

More will be revealed.

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